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Dr. Nikolovski’s Amalgam Removal Protocol

Listed below are the safety measures Dr. Nikolovski utilizes during amalgam removal.

1.  RITA Meter- The RITA Meter, AKA Electro-Galvanic Testing- Metal fillings have been described as being like tiny batteries because they are composed of dissimilar metals in an electrolyte a.k.a. saliva. The warm temperature of the mouth, bacteria and food debris provide an even better electrical environment. Perhaps fillings could be better described electrically by calling them capacitors. Capacitors, like the flash portion of a flash camera, build up a charge over a period of time, and then discharge much of their stored current in an instant. That is what the RITA meter is attempting to capture.
With the use of this RITA meter, we have the capability of determining the amount of electrical current emitted by each metal restoration. This allows us to establish the order in which your metal fillings should be replaced.

2. Eye protection for patient- Safety glasses are put over your eyes to protect them from settling mercury particles and vapor.

3. Oxygen- Provide alternate source of air (oxygen) to patient via nasal mask.

4. Rubber Dam- Isolate quadrant (tooth) to be treated with a rubber dam to minimize mercury particles and bacteria from settling in soft tissue or being swallowed.

5. Sectioning the amalgam filling- Use new long shank carbide cutting burs and section amalgams to remove in large pieces thus minimizing the mercury vapor fumes.

6. Uses copious amounts of water- Copious amounts of cold water will be constantly sprayed on the filling as its being sectioned out.  This helps to keep the temperature down.

7. Use of low suction and high speed suction- (low suction under the rubber dam and high speed suction aspirating next to tooth being treated.)

8. Use of negative ion generators- Negative ion generators provide a negative electrical charge that bombards the airborne mercury and neutralizes its charge. The pitcher charges the particles and sends it to the catcher on the other side. The negative ion generator targets the breathing air around the patient’s body.

Should our patients, who are not currently working with a healthcare practitioner to help detoxify post amalgam removal, our office does offer detoxification supplements for purchase.


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