What Sets Us Apart?

Chicago Dentist

Dr. Nikolovski has handpicked a team of professional staff who are very knowledgeable, compassionate, have the highest standards of care and provide the best in customer service.

Not only has dental technology grown by leaps and bounds, but folks have become much wiser with the information highway at their fingertips.  Dr. Nikolovski finds that many of his patients are well researched on different types of dental procedures, the potential toxicity of certain procedures, and are making educated decisions as to what they want and do not want based on their own research.

Dr. Nikolovski’s offices are mercury-free and mercury safe.  He follows stringent practices when removing amalgam fillings.  He belongs to various holistic organizations that champion for the safest practices to be in place to protect the patient as much as possible during the removal process.

Dr. Nikolovski's offices offer composite restorations and metal free crowns and bridges for our patients that do not want metal in their mouth or for those who have metal sensitivities.

There are a wide variety of dental services that Dr. Nikolovski performs in his practice.  Check out the services page for more information.

We hope to welcome you into our family!

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