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Root Canal Extractions

Wisdom Teeth Procedure Chicago

The goal of a root canal extraction is to ensure that the tooth is removed safely and that no infected tissue is left behind to inhibit complete healing. Emphasis is placed on proper removal of the tooth, periodontal ligament and any cyst formation by cleansing and debridement of the surgical site after the tooth is removed. This process allows for the most complete bone healing.

Wisdom Teeth

The name 'wisdom teeth' is age related - third molars don't erupt until teenage years and beyond, when people theoretically are "wiser to the world."

Common reasons for wisdom teeth removal include impaction, pain and crowding of the other teeth, which are typical tooth growth characteristics.

"If wisdom teeth are not visible, they are impacted or unable to erupt due to space and size limitations," says Dr. Petty. "Impacted teeth don't have enough room to grow, and will lay beneath  the gums, which may or may not be a problem."

Pain and tooth crowding are also top wisdom teeth problems. Adults have forgotten what normal pain from a growing tooth feels like. Complications also can arise when wisdom teeth partially erupt. The broken gum acts as a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

When wisdom teeth partially erupt, food gets caught in the gums and may cause an infection, swelling, growth of a tumor or cyst and pain.  If this happens, consult a dentist before problems worsen and affect overall oral health.

If wisdom teeth have erupted, the key to preserving them is maintaining good oral health by brushing twice a day and going to see a dentist twice a year.

Should a wisdom tooth/teeth need to be extracted, Dr. Nikolovski follows the same process as when removing a failed root canal which is after the extraction of the tooth he removes the periodontal ligaments and then debrides the socket of any infected bone and tissue.

Wisdom Teeth Procedure Chicago

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