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Whether a tooth extraction is the most sensible of root canal alternatives depends on each patient’s personal situation. If the tooth is located in the back of the mouth and the extraction will pose minimal cosmetic consequences, an extraction might be ideal. On the other hand, if the tooth is in the front or side of the mouth, an extraction might not seem appealing. This is because the patient will be left with the decision to either live with a visible hole in his smile or pay the additional costs of having a replacement tooth inserted. Cosmetic considerations aside, some patients require bridges or other forms of additional dental work to be able to properly chew food and to prevent their remaining teeth from shifting after an extraction. 

There is much controversy on the subject of root canals and the inability to fully sterilize the tooth.  As your dentist, I encourage you to research your options to help you make your own informed decision on whether you would like a root canal or would opt for an extraction instead.  The decision is ultimately up to the patient. 

In my office, should the patient decide to move forward with a root canal procedure, we offer what is termed a biological option for treatment.  The alternative root canal material used is EndoCal10 (previously known as Biocalex).  This material is considered to be a biocompatible option for treating infection as it produces high alkalinity throughout the thickness of the dentin.  Bacteria do not like an alkaline environment.  Everything about these alternative root canal treatments is geared to preserve the mouth and the body's immune system, and to reduce or eliminate the side-effects and/or failures associated with the standard materials and techniques which are commonly used.

(Please read the articles on the website to learn more regarding the procedures used for root canals, the use of EndoCal 10, and other biological materials as alternatives to traditional root canal therapy.)

Root canals are a major dental surgery that can be accomplished in many ways. There are many ways to performed a root canal, each with different results and outcomes. It is important to do as much research as you can before getting a root canal. Above are some potent articles you can read to learn more about root canals.

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